The Product Development Department, one of the units affiliated to our World Medicine R&D center, was established with an innovative perspective and designs innovative product processes with a wide product portfolio which will provide technological and scientific contributions to our country with our productive, agile and innovative employees affiliated to our R&D center.

The philosophy of our R&D center rests on development, innovation and science. Our target is to make inaccessible key products accessible and widely available to ensure a healthy future, by using the latest technology and developing equivalent and high-quality products, which will make a difference and diversify the range of available products. Intellectual Property is brought under protection by setting out the differences in either formulation or the production method of each product developed by ourselves. The product development team continues to bring new molecules and niche products in addition to the standard products. They also develop products which will be brought to the market all around the world, especially in the EU, CA and the US, backed by their extensive experience.

All products which we have developed and are developing with our esteemed R&D employees in the World Medicine R&D formulation office with literature research, patent reviews, scientific journals and articles, and are brought to final products in the R&D formulation laboratory through various pharmaceutical forms. Primary qualifications taken as basis in the Product Development Laboratory are the preparation of a report based on the Feasibility, Risk Assessment (FMEA), Determination of Design Area (QbD), Implementation of Design, Process Analytical Technology (Data Replication), Statistical Data Analysis (Minitab LLC.) and Association.

The R&D formulation laboratory includes high-tech equipment and devices used in the development of a wide range of medicines for human use and medical preparations, including all kinds of solid, semi-solid, liquid, sterile and non-sterile medicines. In addition to the conventional generic pharmaceuticals, the R&D laboratory also develops innovative solid dosage forms, tablet (bilayer - trilayer), capsules, pellets and soft capule projects from combined products for all world markets by using the new production technologies with the target of being the first generic product. The laboratory contributes to the Turkish Economy by reducing product development costs with the product process improvement and alternative resource efforts within the framework of good manufacturing practices.