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Overview of the Scientific Department

We passionately stick to the research; we develop our perspective for science every day in order to present pharmaceuticals, which touch our lives.

Our purpose is to create and develop the organization’s scientific program, to ensure the relevant cooperation is carried out to become sustainable, and to develop resources for our study network based on research and information.

We purse a close relationship with academies, research institutions, Start-Ups and programs within the scope of Incentive and Marketing teams, ensuring accurate analysis and reporting of renewal and trends of the process.

Our Approach to Science

What we do?

Our science program supports communication between the researchers in both institutions and the sectors in order to constitute the basis for new research attempts and to help maintain and expand cooperation activities.

Our Area of Focus

Research subjects which are in our areas of interest, such as research efficiency, technology transfer and clinical development are the primary concerns directing us to develop further in order to adapt our skills to the new technologies.

Cooperation Network

We aim to understand how the cooperation network facilitates the spread of new technology.

We seek a close relationship with academies, research Institutions, start-ups and programs in the scope of Incentive and Marketing teams


Strategic Cooperation

Stages extending from the establishment phase for the strategic target to the common Project management

Universities, where the basic research studies are conducted, start-up/unicorn companies, which are involved in the early discovery of pharmaceuticals, and major pharmaceuticals companies which carry out the activities for future drug development and marketing are considered in this scope.


Open to Innovation

We open our borders to external innovation.

We know the value of new information and combine this with the potential of commercialization with an objective and open approach.


Networks / Cooperation

We pay attention to multi-cultural and interdisciplinary diversity.

We aim to secure contacts and cooperation with external offices and international representatives, stakeholders and other researchers at every level.

This allows study in matters of mutual interest, such as research financing. This ensures greater sharing between industry and academics.

Our purpose is to produce new scientific information.

Exploring the industry allows innovation to gain generalizable insights.

Help us acquire more ideas on new models and to evaluate the potential of such models to boost pharmaceuticals production lines.

This ensures cooperation when it comes to how the various corporate requirements will be managed when offering pharmaceuticals to the market.

This allows us to reach close contacts with scientists, which provide innovation determine the investible therapeutic areas.


Essentially, this focuses on the interaction between the pharmaceuticals industry and the health systems in different countries.

This allows us to discover how marketing and R&D interact in order to enhance the drug development process in the company.



Our scientific framework

The number of publications over time reflects our R&D people' increasing interest to represents their studies in the pharmaceutical journals, and the conferences.  

Our publications refers to our networks of actors and institutions that we create, diffuse and use innovations. 

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