Backed by our effective quality management in the global markets, we develop a wide range of therapeutic products aimed at improving quality of life. We constantly strive to enhance process efficiency and carry out production on a global scale.

Our business strategies are determined by our upper management on the basis of long term plans and updated depending on changing conditions as required.

Our medium-term business strategy is to constantly globalize our territorial assets and create added value for our shareholders and customers.

As a key player in the countries where it is active, our company works in synchronization with the relevant institutions and organizations within the product authorization and marketing activities in line with the laws of each country, in order to fulfill all legal processes and requirements in place in each country.

Our main competitive advantage is our wide product portfolio which is in compliance with international standards and approved and authorized by the competent agencies, with the intellectual properties of our products protected by the FDA and European Union. In addition, all of our products are constantly and supported and renewed.


One of our primary targets at World Medicine is to develop new strategic partnerships.