World Medicine’s production facilities comply with international standards and have obtained approval from regulatory authorities in different countries. The facilities also hold European Good Manufacturing Practices (European GMP) approval.


The Head office of our company in Turkey, which exports pharmaceuticals to more than 50 countries around the world, as well as its R&D laboratory which boasts state-of-the-art technical equipment, are both located in Istanbul.

Our production facility, which commenced its activities in 2013, carries out production to the highest standards with its strong and fast-moving organizational structure. The production of pharmaceuticals, such as enteric coated tablets, soft and hard capsules, bottled dry powder for oral use, sachets, solutions, oral liquid forms, nasal sprays, sterile eye drops, ear drops, anti-asthma aerosol inhaler forms, anti-asthma inhalation micro doses, gels, creams, ointments and suppository forms, which exceeds 60 million boxes in a year, is carried out in an enclosed area of 12,800 m2 by a special team with extensive knowledge and the ability to respond rapidly.

Powder Filling 1.9 million pieces/year
Sachet 12.5 million pieces/year
Capsule 125 million pieces/year
Tablets 190 million pieces/year
Inhaler Capsule 63 million pieces/year
Eye Drop 12.5 million pieces/year
Non Sterile Liquid 12.5 million pieces/year
Pomade 6.3 million pieces/year
Suppository 6.3 million pieces/year
Inhaler Aerosol 2.5 million pieces/year
Soft Capsule 100 million pieces/year


The World Medicine facility in Cerkezkoy, in the province of Tekirdag, was completed in 2020. The facility is our flagship investment, producing a range of pharmaceuticals including liquid sterile forms, lyophilized sterile forms, solid forms, semi-solid forms, aerosol inhalers and non-sterile liquid forms.

Equipped with machinery which exceeds world standards using the latest technology, the facility is controlled with systems that meet the strictest production standards in the international arena in terms of hygiene and security.

Providing services with an annual production capacity of 1.3 billion boxes (13.6 billion semi-products/year), our factory operates on an area of 50,000 m2 with competent staff with their finger on the pulse of global dynamics, who possess extensive production knowledge and who work to a quality policy of product and service perfection.


Non Sterile Liquid and Semi- Solid Section Total Production 350 million boxes/year
Syrup Filling 75 million bottles/year
Screw Cap, Filling 100 million bottles/year
Snap On Filling 125 million bottles/year
Nasal Spray Filling 75 million bottles/year
Suppository Filling 200 million pieces/year
Pomade Tube Filling 40 million tubes/year
Stick Liquid / Semi Solid Filling 100 million stick/year
BOV Aerosol 5 million pieces/year
Sterile Liquid and Lyophilized Injectable Section Total Production 450 million boxes/year
Small Sized Vial Liquid Filling 150 million vials/year
Small Vial Lyophilisation 35 million vials/year
Large Sized Vial Liquid Filling 25 million vials/year
Ampoule Filling 400 million ampoules/year
Muti-Doses Eye Drop Filling 100 million bottles/year
Mono-Dose Eye Drop/ Nebule Filling 150 million pieces/year
İnhaler Aerosol 2.5 milyon adet/yıl
Blisters (Vials / Ampoule) 220 million blisters/year
Solid Section Total Production 500 million boxes/year
Tablet 10 billion tablets/year
Bottle Powder Filling 60 million bottles/year
Capsule Filling 1,6 billion capsules/year
Sachet Filling 250 million sachet/year
Stick Filling 100 million stick/year
Blister (Tablet / Capsule) 1 billion blister/year


World Medicine Romania factory commenced its operations in 2017
This production facility plays an important role in ensuring World Medicine is a major player in the global arena. The facility is primarily designed for the production of solid forms and produces medicines from an enclosed area of 6,500 square meters.
Tablets 500 million pieces/year
Film Coated Tablets 500 million pieces/year
Effervescent Tablets 125 million pieces/year
Capsule 436 million pieces/year


Our facility, which was established in Oran, Algeria in 2018, produces solid and liquid dosage forms in compliance with international standards.
The facility carries out its production from a production area of 2,500 square meters within a total enclosed area of 4,700 square meters.

Tablet 1.8 billion tablets/year
Capsule 91 million capsules/year
Sachet 17 million sachets/year
Syrup 4 million bottles/year
Suspension 2.5 million bottles/year
Solid Production 7 million boxes/year
Liquid Production 1.7 million bottle/year