WM Will Be “A Healer Medicine” for Your Career

We seek to include talented individuals who are compatible with our Values in the WM family in the process of selection and placement and to maintain and develop our existing talent pool in line with our strategy. At this point, we manage our process of selection and placement transparently, considering the individual competences of the candidates and the company’s needs.

Career Opportunities for Professionals

We not only aim to measure the performance of those working in WM, but also to evaluate their competences and to ensure their progress is consistent by using YOGA (Competence-Based Progress Analysis), one of the outcomes of our WMOVE Strategy Project, which we developed in 2021.

Career Opportunities for Trainees

We design the programs for the WM candidates of the future who have not yet graduated, were they will learn the business on the factory floor. While preparing young talented individuals for business life, we ensure they learn by having fun and continue their path without losing their innovative perspectives.

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