Our training and development organization sets out under the banner of “WMove”, which takes Strategic Management as a reference. WMove is built upon YOGA, our Corporate Performance Model, which aims to effect both individual and corporate behavior change and train employees who will “do their work sincerely”.

Why Blue

Blue is the color of the sea and the sky. It is associated with depth and stability. It symbolizes the concepts of trust, loyalty, mind, belief and spirituality.

Why Green

Green is the color of nature. It is associated with concepts such as development, harmony, freshness and productivity. It has a strong bond with the sense of trust.



Why Yin-Yang?

YinYang means two halves completing the integrity together. Yin, which is one of the two halves, represents the darkness or shade and “Yang” represents light or the Sun. Yin and Yang are the starting points of the change. When something becomes a whole, it is unchangeable and complete, as required by its definition. In other words, when such a symbol is divided into two, its integrity is disrupted and they seek a new balance by running after each other. Two things which are completely at odds with each other nevertheless lose their meaning without each other.

Why Such a Logo?

We need to leave our comfort zone in order to experience change – but what is our comfort zone? It means not going out of our routines but expecting different results by performing the same actions. When our brain is confronted with such a situation, it activates a defense mechanism and comes up with excuses for us to remain in the usual zone. This leads us to become panicked and refuse to change. At such times, we must remain calm, we must feel confident and we must give ourselves the opportunity to review all the positive and negative results, no matter what the subject is.

We have used “YinYang” in the WM Academy logo, because we are aware that all elements of positive of negative situations can complete each other and are the components of change. We have used the shades of “Blue and Green” because we know that we will reach a state of freshness, renewal and development safely with our knowledge and experience derived from the past. We declare “A World of Us” because we believe that we will build this story by deriving our strength from the employees at World Medicine.


1 - Orientation Program

All colleagues joining our World Medicine family first of all attend a “General Orientation”, which introduces the company and explains the GMP rules. They then complete the “Department Orientation”, structured according to work flow processes in the department where they will work, and learn about both the company and the departments and their duties in detail within the first six months. The program is provided both face-to-face and online over our digital platform.

2 - Leadership Development Programs

We determine the sides of our leaders from all angles, including which aspects are strong and which are open to development, and create personal training programs according to the results of the case studies carried out in the Evaluation Center. We support the training programs with coaching and mentoring sessions and ensure that the studies which are performed with constant feedback are turned into behaviors. Thanks to the structured programs, we are able to design training for both our leaders and our prospective leaders.

3 - Competence and Personal Development Programs

We contribute to our employees by offering training which may benefit employees both in their business lives and their private lives, so they can work more happily and more successfully.

4 - Occupational and Technical Development Programs

Our training programs are designed with content which will direct the occupational and technical subjects of the sector and support the development of our colleagues.

5 - Internal Training and Placement Program

We prepare a diverse range of content including creative drama and instructor training to train our own internal trainers. We design the training programs necessary for the sector and our company on our own.

6 - Foreign Language Programs

At World Medicine, we are aware of the importance of foreign language by virtue of the experience we gained by exporting to more than 50 countries, and we offer our employees digital and face-to-face solutions in this regard.

7 - WM Academy Digital Platform

The entire WM family may acess our platform consisting of more than 1,000 items of training content, updated news sources, a library and dramatization workshops, both via the mobile app or the web.