World Medicine is a company which provides equal opportunity to all of its employees, supports the self-development of the individuals in the professional work environment and provides career opportunities and which determines the indispensible element of the fundamental development as “human resources”.

World Medicine has adopted making investment to the human as one of its fundamental principles. The qualified and trained man power lie behind its success.

It is aware that the creating opportunities for the workers and supporting them are the most important keys in reaching the vision that it possesses.

Our “World Medicine Human Resources Policy” that we have formed within the framework of our objectives is based on the following principles:

  • Forming a professional employee team which is well trained, open to the development and innovations, creative, hardworking, dynamic, inclined to the team work and appropriate to the company’s organizational culture and ensuring its development,
  • Keeping the motivation and satisfaction of its employees at high levels,
  • Strengthening their commitments to the corporation and ensuring that the efficient works are realized,
  • Using the required communication resources in a way appropriate to the transparency principle and preparing an environment for the sharing of all kinds of opinions and ideas,
  • Providing the required environment and opportunities for the employees to develop themselves and to uncover their potentials,
  • Awarding the effort and contribution and prioritizing the employees creating difference,
  • Making objective evaluations.

In our company, the lunch opportunity is provided. There is shuttle bus service opportunity for all of our employees to allow them easily reach to their working places. It makes social activities in the year and strengthens the inhouse communication and employee motivation.


World Medicine increases its employee number every passing day in parallel to the rapidly growing company profile. In the recruitment process, experienced or relatively unexperienced / to be trained personnel are hired towards the developing needs.

In the unexperienced positions, the candidates whose training background is strong and who are quite open to learning are preferred, and in the experienced positions, the candidates who can have contribution to the firm are preferred.

The objective and fair recruitment process is applied. All recruitment processes are conducted with the principle of strict confidentiality. Our first objective in the selection and placement process is to find and place team friends who are qualified, cheerful, having adequate training, successful in the human relations, always giving priority to the mutual reliability and respect and appropriate to the organization culture and objectives and the most suitable on the bases of competences.


In our company, we want to see new friends who have high level of education, are open to the technological developments and innovations, creative, dynamic, developing themselves continuously, who will accompany us with the knowledge, talent and qualifications that they possess among us.

To all positions that you can apply in World Medicine,
you can access to our company page on via by clicking the button of and you can make online application.


World Medicine provides the opportunity to make internship in the related departments to all students who get training in the university, graduate level, industry vocational high school or technical high school and have the internship obligation.