We attended the RDD Europe 2019 conference

Our Scientific Poster will be in RDD (Respiratory Drug Delivery) Europa 2019, Lisbon, Portugal, a leading conference focusing on the development and latest scientific trends of pulmonary and nasal pharmaceutical products. The event will be held 07-10 May, 2019 at Estoril Congress Center, Lisbon, Portugal.

Attendees at this Poster exhibition can gain information on how microscopic aspertities in the carrier surface created using the method of Moist activated dry granulation (MADG) improves the seperation forces during aerolization and prevents agglomeration behaviour between microparticules during shelf life of the finished product.

Poster will be at stand (Poster Number: 62) in the Technology Exhibition area and present research on the “Evaluation of a Dry Powder Inhaler

Formulation with Enhanced Granule Surface Roughness to Reduce Agglomeration” in the Scientific Poster Session.

RDD-2019-Europa: https://www.rddonline.com/rdd/rdd.php?id=17&sid=4